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August 6, 2006
CF/Flex 2 Flash Remoting and CF/Flex 2 FDS Apps Available

The ColdFusion extensions for FlexBuilder 2 include the ability to generate complete, best practice, working CRUD applications with ColdFusion as the backend, and generates all the Flex 2 client tier, middle tier and backend code required, and even creates the FlexBuilder project for you. It's a pretty sweet piece of work, and serves to not only get you productive in minutes building apps you can use without any knowledge of ActionScript, MXML (or CFML for that matter), but also serves as a great aid to leraning the various technologies involved.

The CF/Flex 2 Application Wizard, or "Super Wizard" as we call it here, is based on a template application that was written and reviewed for best practices. The application that's generated by the Wizard uses Flex 2, the Flash Remoting Update in CF 7.0.2 and ColdFusion Components (CFC's) as the backend.

It would have been nice to have been able to have inlcuded the ability of the Super Wizard to generate a Flex 2 + CF and Flex Data Services (FDS) application as well with Flex Builder 2, but unfortunately, we just ran out of time.

However, we did get as far as a working copy of the application that was (will?) be used as the "template" app for the CF/FDS portion of the Super Wizard.

I OK'd Mike Nimer's posting of both template applications (CF/FR and CF/FDS) so you can check them out and at least see an example of what coding with CF to FDS vs Flash Remoting is like, and try out a CRUD FDS CF app for yourself to see the "push" and update conflict resolution in actiion (try running two app instances of the CF/FDS app and try updating the same record, for example, and see the conflict resolution in action).

Available Here




I was thinking of using ColdFusion for my new blog (http://www.datingsite-review.com/) but isn't it expensive?

Do you have a link to this "super wizard"? What would I have to do to get the source to this plug in (application wizard)? IE for my own templating ventures.