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October 31, 2004
Blackstone-Powered SMS Notifications at MAX
Quick note for MAX 2004 attendees:

We have a Blackstone-powered mobile SMS conference session tracker application online for MAX.

It's hooked into the MAX conference registration system, and if you provide your mobile number and enable the service, you'll receive notifications of your next session about 5-10 minutes prior to your next session, and you can also obtain your conference schedule for the current day with a simple textual-based menu option.

Sending "max" to the special short code will invoke the top-level menu.

This simple application should be available on all US-based cell phones. To make use of this service, be sure to enter your cell phone number and enable the notification option when you register online.

See you at MAX, and welcome to the (newly) simplified world of 2-way interactive session-enabled mobile SMS applications!



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