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January 5, 2007
New! Include ColdFusion 7 Reports and Rich Docs in your Adobe FlexBuilder 2.0.1 Apps!

The ColdFusion Extensions for Adobe FlexBuilder were updated in FlexBuilder 2.0.1 and enable the inclusion of ColdFusion 7 dynamically-generated FlashPaper 2-based banded business reports or rich documents (created using the ColdFusion 7 CFDOCUMENT tag) right in your Flex 2.0.1 applications (and they print properly too right from the Flex 2 panel).

The components can of course be pulled from the generated CF/FB Wizard app and used in any way you wish in your own home-grown app, as with all the components we generate/ship with, including the validators and Input masking components, etc (we recognize not everyone will go into production with a generated app! :)

Check it out and enjoy!

Special thanks Mike Nimer and Dean Harmon who suffered my relentless push to get this done and to the Flash player team, the Flex SDK team and the FlexBuilder team, all of whom fixed blocking bugs that made this possible.



is there any place we can go (perhaps on labs) that shows some example code of how this could be accomplished? This is a seriously big feature that I can utilize very quickly in some of my development.

Yes, just run the FB 2.0.1 ColdFusion app wizard and add a Report Panel to your app and generate.

Happy reporting!


Damon - for those of us who use the extensions in Eclipse just for the RDS support, should we update as well?

Hmmm...I don't recall if we fixed anything in the RDS extensions, specifically, or not.

In general, I think if you're just using the RDS extensions, and it ain't broke.....


Oh, Ray, actually this may be relevant: these plugins work on Eclipse 3.1 or 3.2.



Ah interesting. I believe there was an issue before w/ 3.2. Cool - and thanks.


i used the upgrader to update my standalone FB but it didn't seem to upgrade the CF extensions (still seem to have the old ones w/out the new flashpaper bits). is there separate download or something i missed?


Hey Damon,

I am having the same problem as PaulH...where is the wizard?? or did I not install the CF extensions with the updater?

Yeah the FB 2.0.1 Updater doesn't update the ColdFusion Extensions. You need to install the full FB 2.0.1 kit and have it lay down the CF FlexBuilder plugins zip file. Then uninstall the existing 2.0.0 extensions using the Eclipse plugins mechanism, then add the 2.0.1 extensions using the Eclipse mechanism.


I believe you can skip the install if you extract the FB installer as a zip. I just did that in a class. (Not that I don't want FB. But this was a CF class, not Flex. :)

Damon, any chance you can "free" this zip from FB?

yeah, separating out the cf bits would be nice.

Thanks for the installation tips, isolation of the update zip(ColdFusion Extensions 2.0.1) file wasn't that difficult.

Just checked it out, this is very cool stuff. And yes indeed, the wizard gives you good learning code to build your own home-grown applications with ColdFusion.

Ya, this is a nice feature however getting the feature is a pain... would be great if you could just grab the extensions from somewhere else ;)

Where exactly is this new feature located once its installed?

I went into the usual RDS viewer, clicked on a Datasource and I cant see where the report section of the wizard is located. I only see Create CFC and I am indeed running CF Flex Extensions ver: 0.5.155475

Any help is greatly appreciated ;)

Do File->New->Other...you should see the option for the CF/FB Application Wizard.


Sweet thanks Damon!