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October 31, 2007
Adobe Senior Product Manager, LiveCycle Data Services

We have an immediate opening for a Senior Product Manager of LiveCycle Data Services (aka "Flex Data Services"), and we're looking for the right candidate with the "right stuff". Full job description and Req details are here:

Adobe Senior Product Manager of LiveCycle Data Services

If you or someone you know think you might be a good fit for this demanding and rewarding job, please do let me/us know! (There is an "Apply Now" button on that link).




By chance, was this William Wechtenhiser position? His (few) blog entries [1] actually looked very promising. I was expecting some interesting insight in the future... and now this. What happened?

[1] http://www.wechtenhiser.org/blog/

Hi there, no, this is for a Sr Product Manager position.

William...is that you? :)_