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January 31, 2005
Partial Page Caching in ColdFusion MX Macrochat
From the Customer Care group:

"Partial Page Caching in ColdFusion MX Macrochat"

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM US/Eastern

"Learn how to write a custom tag that allows for simple caching in ColdFusion MX. Ray Camden will lead this discussion on creating a CF tag for partial page caching of information. Ray is the Director of Development for Mindseye, Inc., a Team Macromedia member and Macromedia User Group manager."

What You Will Learn

- Existing ColdFusion Caching (query caching and cfcache)
- Persistant Scopes
- The ScopeCache Custom Tag

You must register for this event at:



January 29, 2005
Intro to the Making of Blackstone and the Blackstone Newton Tour
With so much innovation going into the Blackstone release of ColdFusion, and in the spirit openness you've come to expect of us during this historic release, we thought it might be cool to be able to give you some engineering perspective on some of the new features in Blackstone. There will be other resources available with Blackstone, of course, but we know there's some folks who just like to know "more" about the inner workings of new features, where they came from, how they evolved, and what makes them so cool from an engineer's perspective.

To that end, the Dev Engineer/QA Engineer pair teams for some of the larger new Blackstone features will be putting together their engineering perspective on the new features, and some of what went into them.

If you're one of those folks who's curious about how stuff works and why it's the way it is, in addition to the "what", hopefully you'll enjoy this article series.

I'll also post a little bit of a small photo tour of the Newton, MA engineering facility here where Blackstone was designed and built, including, of course the critical CF teaming area, beer fridge (and last Beer Boy build page), whiteboards (scrawled remnants of feature design debate discussions intact), the build and testing labs, Tom J's orange inflatable ceiling shark, QA golf alley, the CF Dunkin Donuts shrine, the much overused (and abused) T30 spare, and other crucial CF Blackstone ingredients.

For now, here's the Introduction to the "Making of Blackstone" Article series on the Macromedia website from myself and Tim Buntel.