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December 23, 2004
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year
On behalf of the Macromedia ColdFusion Team, I'd like to offer a simple "Thank You" for the passion, dedication and effort you've all exhibited this year, and a sincere "Best Wishes" for a Happy Holiday Season and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


December 14, 2004
ColdFusion-Powered Flex Links
Here's a few ColdFusion-plus-Flex links:

1) Installing with CF KB: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flex/1_5/flexforcf.html

2) Ben Forta's CF/Flex article: http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/flex/articles/dashboard.html

3) Blog entry that shows Blackstone Flashpaper in a Flex app https://dcooper.org/?mode=entry&entry=609B9952-DC57-D79E-83886B7D4E700834


4) (NEW) ColdFusion Developers Journal, December 13, 2004 "Flex Your ColdFusion Muscles - Building Rich Internet Applications couldn't be easier with ColdFusion and Flex" http://www.sys-con.com/story/?storyid=47443&DE=1


December 6, 2004
New Macromedia Knowledge Base System Online
Freshly launched and ready for action, the Macromedia Knowledge Base is a self-service guided search tool that enables customers to quickly find precise MM information.

Some info from the team on this great new tool:

It's located at the top of http://www.macromedia.com/support, as well as all the product support pages, the Macromedia Knowledge Base allows customers to access precise technical information (technotes), Macromedia Developer Center articles, and Macromedia Customer Service notes on policies and procedures.

An intuitive guided search tool within the Knowledge Base allows users to fine-tune their queries based on established categories and "best bet" choices.

Each search that a user performs automatically provides structured feedback so we can continually contribute new technical information to make the Knowledge Base more effective for customers.

Some highlights:

- Front page of Knowledge Base http://www.macromedia.com/support/
- FAQ and Captivate demo http://www.macromedia.com/support/knowledgebase/
- Feedback from customers can be done via the form on the web.
- Internal inquires can be sent to KB@macromedia.com.

Check it out.


The Focus on Innovation
A few folks were upset with my previous post.

Just to set the record straight: we are laser-focused on innovation; not due to nerves about any competitor, but because it's our passion - it's what we do for our customers, what we've done for ten years now and what we will do for many more years.

However, I've watched the relentless postings by some of the competitors intended to make you believe two things which need clarification, and since they've not been forthcoming with customers, some clarification is in order. Claims of compatibility (or that they are somehow "compatible enough"), and that they will pick and chose which Blackstone features they will copy/implement, on their schedule are just not true. The test results clearly refute the first, and the protections we're putting in place will not make the second possible.

My personal belief is that customer's should hear the facts, in order to make intelligent decisions, and I guess I'm taking some shards for being first to repute their statements, but I believe it's important that customers know the truth, and this can be a start to that educational process. Again, though, we are and will continue to be laser-focused on innovation, and what drives us solely our passion for creating heroes out of our customers, developers, partners and end-users.

December 5, 2004
Trying a read-only Blog site: less fuss, less muss
As this is my personal site, and with my shrinking schedule, and very limited time to be able to maintain it, I switched the site today on a trial basis to a read-only format Blog site, and so the "comments" links for all posts (for all articles) have been commented out (including those that praised my great guitar playing :)

This will help cut down on maintenance I have to do to the site, as well as enable me to keep communication flowing. Apologies to anyone who posted comments today and lost their comments.

Folks are still welcome to send me feedback via email of course:



ColdFusion: Beware of Imitations
I'm looking at a report that shows thousands upon thousands of ColdFusion compatibility test failures on the latest copycat server.

Unfortunately, the company making the copycat software isn't yet aware of them, and doesn't know what these failures are, even after years of struggling to become "compatible". I'd estimate it will be a 5-10 year effort at their current pace before these issues are discovered and solved, if ever. Unfortunately, their customers will be their main Quality Assurance team through this effort, learning the hard way what "penny-wise, pound foolish" means.

The particular ColdFusion compatibility test suite used to create the report I'm looking at represents tens and tens of millions of dollars in investment and many years of engineering and QA effort, support calls, onsite customer consulting engagements, Customer Advisory Board meetings, and a relentless drive towards engineering excellence and innovation to get built.

While it's understandable that claims of "Compatible, but Cheaper" are an effective ploy by copycats to trick unknowing customers into trying copycat software, these claims really are too-good-to-be-true. Worse, they can be misleading, confusing and even damaging to customer who believe them and find a very different reality the hard way.

Prospective customers should be really beware of 1) claims of "compatibility" and 2) promises of future development efforts to remain compatible. The first is simply not true today (and is not "close enough", as I look through this report…I was shocked to see the most basic types of issues that exist). The second promise of "future feature copying" is a promise they cannot keep.

We're working vigorously to protect our valuable intellectual property, defend against inappropriate use of our legal trademarks and brands, protect the massive investment in hard-won research and development assets, and work to ensure continued customer confidence, trust and investments in our products.

Our very loyal developers, customers, shareholders, partners and others expect us to protect them and their interests, and we're working to ensure that they can count on our responsible stewardship of the Macromedia products they depend on, believe in, and need from us going forward.

We're building the future of ColdFusion, and it's truly, truly amazing. Not just this next release, but the next few releases. I honestly can't see how the next releases of ColdFusion cannot but cause a "never going back" upheaval in solutions development and raise the bar for solutions and customer expectations, unlike anything we've seen in the last 10 years.

Macromedia ColdFusion will continue to enjoy massive resource and R&D investment, is staffed by 100% world-class talent, and is a vibrant and essential part of the Macromedia product lineup. Being part of such a great company, ColdFusion is able to tap and draw upon the resources and engineering resources across the entire company, from all product teams. Macromedia is the company that is changing the web, mobile devices, and the way people work and use the Internet and develop applications.

Macromedia ColdFusion will be your key to leveraging these advances in your organization for your customers. Caveat Emptor: beware of, and accept no imitations.