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December 15, 2006
Twas the Night Before Christmas - from the CF Team

This was an Adobe internal CF team email sent from Anne Sandstrom (CF Senior Technical Writer) that I thought I'd share.....enjoy :)

If you’ve opened this e-mail:

a) You forgot that I do this every year.
b) You're a glutton for punishment.
c) You joined the team this past year and nobody thought to warn you.

I’m sending this early to make sure no one escapes... :)

‘Twas the night before Christmas
Oh no, can it be?
The annual helping of
CF poetry

Yes, it’s now just like clockwork
So sit back and read --
Or would you rather I send this
Through an RSS feed?

So as penguins are dancing
Across movie screens (I just had to get penguins in somehow!)
Let’s look back at these 12 months
To see where we’ve been

We found ourselves traveling
A Mystical road
And soon we were churning out
7.0.2 code

Now our customers say
It’s just like romance
For this year ColdFusion
And Flex learned to dance

Data services, gateways,
And XML files
And those too cool new wizards
That make people smile

So, in the middle of summer
In the sun and the heat
CF 7.0.2
At last hit the street

So we met and we pondered
We analyzed trends
To see where the Scorpio
Journey would end

[New Scorpio features section removed..sorry :) ]

The alpha releases
Have had features galore
(Of course on the Forums
They’re asking for more…)

But, if in this short poem
Your feature’s not listed
Fear not, ‘cuz in real doc
There’s no way we missed it

As the old year is ending
We hope CF 8
Will ring up sales numbers
Right out of the gate

We all hope that next year
About this same time
You’ll be reading some more verse
About CF 9!

(It’s over. You can come out from under your desk now…)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season / end of year break! All the best,



Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone, and thanks for a GREAT year!


December 6, 2006
CF Easter Egg Cracked

Yes, the Egg has been cracked (I'd heard rumors it had been cracked several times, but I think this is the first time I've seen it blogged and picked up by aggregators):


(If it makes anyone feel any better, here's my offical statement for any features-rights activists: "No features were harmed or sacrificed in the making of this [SWF] movie. All egging work was performed on closed courses with professional engineers, and on personal time. :)

Have fun :)