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March 21, 2006
Available CF Team Positions...
If you or someone you know think you might be qualified, the Adobe ColdFusion team is looking to fill two very special positions in the world of commercial software product development:

- Senior Product Manager, ColdFusion
- Senior Product Marketing Manager, ColdFusion

To see more info about these two key positions, go here and search for "coldfusion" in the Search box at the bottom of the page: Adobe Job Listings

This is an amazing opportunity to work for a world-class software company and help change the world. There is probably no other position in the software world where you can have such an awesome and direct impact on the lives of so many people, literally.

There's probably also no more rewarding position in the world of commercial software development than being in a leadership role on the ColdFusion team at Adobe these days, and for sure there's no other place you can have this much fun and still get paid!

Both positions are located in Newton, MA.


CF Mystic Beta 2 PDF
FYI, the Mystic PDF doc is located on the labs site off this page:

Mystic Overview/Intro: http://labs.macromedia.com/wiki/index.php/ColdFusion/Flex_Connectivity

but here's a direct link to the PDF as well (Chapter 5 documents the Mystic Flex Builder 2 Extensions):

Mystic Doc: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/documentation/en/flex/2/using_cf_with_flex2.pdf



CF Mystic Beta 2 Now Available!
The ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity ("Mystic") Beta 2 has been released (along with Flex 2 Beta 2) and is now available for download on the Adobe "Labs" site here: http://labs.adobe.com.

The ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity Beta 2 release represents an important milestone for ColdFusion customers wanting to build Rich Internet Applications with Flex and ColdFusion.

With this release, not only have we improved the previously delivered support for the Flash Remoting Update and the Flex Asynchronous Messaging Gateway, we've also added support for Flex Data Services 2.0 and included the first of a set of Flex Builder plug-ins for ColdFusion developers that can dramatically improve development productivity for some key coding tasks when you are building ColdFusion-powered Flex applications.

We're excited about Beta 2, and grateful for your participation.

I believe ColdFusion + Flex 2 will empower you to quickly and easily create amazing new Rich Internet Applications faster and easier than with any other technology, anywhere. And there's more to come...we're not done yet!

Of course, we recommend that you install Mystic Beta 2 on development and testing servers only at this point, but I'd encourage everyone to take Flex 2 Beta 2 and CF Mystic Beta 2 for a spin.

PS: Using Flex Builder 2, then adding CFEclipse and the Mystic Flex Builder plugins will make for a very productive environment, and will let you use RDS and the CF Query Builder for your FB/CFEclipse development!

Please visit the Labs site for more information about this beta release, to interact directly with ColdFusion engineering and quality assurance engineers and other ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity beta 2 users, and to access the ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity Beta 2 Bug Tracker.

Damon Cooper
Director of Engineering, ColdFusion
Adobe Systems