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April 12, 2005
Macromedia Sponsors CFUNITED-05
Macromedia is now officially the sole Platinum Sponsor of CFUNITED-05!

We're excited to be there, and look forward to interacting with our most loyal and passionate customers. There will likely be a large government customer base there as well, given this years' location, so we also look forward to meeting with our US government customers, gathering your feedback and internalizing it as we move forward on the next version of ColdFusion.

Some key folks from the ColdFusion team will be there, including Tim Buntel, Dean Harmon, Tom Jordahl, Mike Nimer, Bill Sahlas, Bob Powell, Hemant Khandelwal, and myself, along with other Macromedians (including Christian Cantrell and Sean Corfield, Steven Erat and others).

CFUNITED (formerly CFUN) is really the premier ColdFusion-specific event outside of Macromedia's own MAX event, and attendance this year is expected to be very good, with CFMX 7 out and so much to discuss, learn and talk about.

ColdFusion also officially turns 10 years old this summer...I heard a rumor there might be something else very exciting worth celebrating as well...stay tuned, and be sure to get to CFUNITED-05!

Here's the official site link: http://www.cfunited.com/


April 6, 2005
Coversant Announces CFMX7 / Soapbox 2005 XMPP Interop
Coversant publishes and announced compatability between Coversant SoapBox Server 2005 and Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7.

Coversant / ColdFusion MX 7 Site

Coversant's Soapbox 2005/CFMX7 web site has an Interoperability Analysis white paper, CFMX7 XMPP Soapbox Sample Applications and more.

From their press release:

"Coversant's SoapBox Server and Macromedia ColdFusion give developers more options to deliver content and add real-time features to their websites. XMPP brings together these two world class products and allows for rapid deployment of collaboration services via the web," says JD Conley, Vice President of Product Development.

"The success of our testing is great news for ISVs and companies wanting to integrate with Coversant products to create rich IM and collaboration solutions," says Scott Vosburg, Vice President of Business Development.

Great stuff.