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July 30, 2020
BlazeDS Developer Guide Updated

Thanks to Michael Peterson and the LiveCyle Data Services / BlazeDS documentation team, an updated PDF version of the BlazeDS Developer Guide is now available here:


This revised Developer Guide contains all of the content from the new LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Developer Guide that applies to BlazeDS. Note: Only the PDF version of the Developer Guide is updated. The Livedocs HTML is not updated.

Much of the documentation has been revised and reorganized, and there are completely new sections on:

Getting Started
- Introduction
- Building and deploying

- General architecture
- Channels and endpoints
- Managing session data

Thanks Mike!


July 23, 2020
AIR Data Synchronization via LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6

John C. Bland II has posted a nice Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 article on AIR Data Synchronization via LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6.

Find it here: http://www.insideria.com/2020/07/air-data-synchronization-via-l.html

John comments, "Give the LCDS team a hug when you see them." For the record, we do accept hugs :)


July 21, 2020
LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Released

A few days ago my team released LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 (aka "Update 1"), adding some key features and scalability and performance enhancements.

Find out more here here

The Release Notes can be found here.

We're very proud of this release and kudos to the team on a great job!