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Lee Strobel's Resource Site for Apologetics (Videos)
The Case for a Creator: Book
The Case for a Creator: DVD

Links for Atheists:
Lee Strobel - Evidence of a Creator from Cosmology (5:04)
Lee Strobel - Analyzing the Fossil Record (3:01)
Lee Strobel - Evidence Against Darwinist Theory (1:49)
Lee Strobel - Evidence of a Creator from Physics and Astronomy (10:04)
Lee Strobel - Evidence of a Creator from Biochemistry (4:34)
Lee Strobel - Evidence of a Creator from DNA (6:32)
Does Creation Make a Case for the Existence of a Creator? (7:13)
Does Science Point to a Creator? The Case for Intelligent Design (2:18)
The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution: The Molecular Machines of a Cell (2:17)
Why Did Your Beliefs Change? An Interview With a Former Atheist (2:06)

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